Don’t make these 10 style mistakes

So, my friends, you may have seen a lot of people who look very good. They look great even if they are very thick, black or short in height. Because they know which style to like and which not. They know the style. So my friends don’t make these style mistake and every style or any kind of dressing looks smart and stylish on them.

{1} Casuals shoes and  on formals

You wore a formal shirt with your matching trousers. You made your whole look very attractive and dashing. But if you wear sport shoes or sandals on it. Doing this will completely ruin your formal look, impression, style. So much of your formal dressing will be wasted. You should include formals that are made for formal. There are many types of shoes available in the market today, which are available at every price. You can wear plain shoes, you can use textured shoes, chakra boots or you can use school black shoes in your home, they look better than sleepers, sandals or sports shoes. So my friends don’t make this style mistake.

{2} dress shirt untucked 

Dress shirts are included in formals, dress shirts are tailor fitted shirts, these shirts are made for use by tuck. If you have a dress shirt, my friends, tuck it in and use it. And if you don’t want to tuck, buy a casual shirt. When you buy a casual shirt, make sure it covers half of your zip, not less than or longer than that. When you don’t tuck and wear a dress shirt, your body looks too thin and short so your appearance looks too short. And if your height is small, don’t make a mistake. So my friends don’t make this style mistake.

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{3}Clothing without proper fitting

The most important and attractive part of any dressing is fitting. No matter what clothes you wear, no matter how expensive they are, if they are not in perfect fit for your body. So it will never look good on you. When you wear clothes, make sure that the clothes you are wearing do not fit or become too loose.  If you compromise on fitting, it will affect your whole body and your whole personality.  Your whole appearance is wasted.  You cannot wear such clothes in formal.  Because formals are made for use with good fitting.

If you want to look attractive and handsome in formal or any dressing, put a little extra money in your pocket to give to the tailor to fit the clothes you bought to fit your body. Because clothes that don’t fit well never look good on anyone. So my friends Don’t make these style mistake.

Tip-  (specially Skinny people should use all their clothes with good fitting.)

{4} wear socks with slippers and sandal’s

Footwear is one of the most important part of your dressing.  If you wear matching footwear on any dressing, your dressing will be more attractive.  But in the cold it looks like people wear socks with sandals.  My friends, socks are made for the use of shoes, you use them with shoes.  If you feel cold, you can save a little money and buy shoes for yourself.  Wearing socks with slippers or sandals makes you reason of laughing people. Because when you go somewhere, your shoes are one of the first things that people notice.

If you wear socks with sandals anywhere, it makes a complete impression wested, the dressing you where is wasted.  If you are using a sandals or sleeper for comfort, So don’t wear socks with them. And friends Don’t make these style mistake.

Tip – (These footwear are for use in or around the home so you can’t use them for outdoor wear.)

{5} ungroomed hear

Haircuts, hairstyles add a different touch to your look. But sometimes if you don’t pay attention to your hair and groom it on time, it makes you look very ugly. It could be your beard, it could be your eyebrows, but there are 2 other things that make your overall impression worse, make you look less attractive and at the same time make you look much older. It is the hair that comes out of the nose and ears. You can go to the hairdresser or at home you can remove this hair using a toaster, point scissors or a nose hair trimmer. Because not being perfectly groomed is a sign of disrespect for you and others, so my friends don’t make these style mistake.

{6} neck beard

Yes, the beard style is very trendy.  Everyone wants a beard.  But you should not grow a beard if you do not have time to maintain it.  Because when the beard style is only well groomed and perfect, it will suit you.  It is not good to keep the beard under the lower jaw.  Always keep the neck area under your lower jaw clean shave.

The beard on the neck makes your neck look shorter so your height looks a bit shorter.  Therefore, those who are short should clean their beards.  And when you have a beard on your neck area, keep it clean. If you can’t go to the barber every time, take a razor that shaves at home and shave the neck beard and keep shaping your beard with a trimmer. so my friends don’t make these style mistakes.


{7} Not using perfume regularly

This factor increases your confidence, reduces stress, increases your known size of trust.  It’s not visible to the eyes. I’m talking about fragrance, about perfume.  A lot of people don’t use this perfume, some people don’t use it regularly.  Don’t make this mistake. Perfume is a small but very useful accessory. No matter where you are, people are attracted to you because of the fragrance.  You don’t smell bad sweat that no one likes.

Perfume can make your job even easier when you go on a date with a girl, meetings, or functions.  So friends start using perfume on a regular basis right now. Perfume works to get you more attention in people. The bad smell of sweat does not come from your body by applying perfume.

So my friends don’t make these style mistakes.

Tip – (Choose a fragrance and keep it the same People should know that the fragrance is coming to you.make your signature scent.)

{8} too much perfume

You may be thinking that I just told you to use perfume every day. Yes the fragrance is good but only if it is within limits.  Applying too much perfume will make your scent linger in the head of the person in front of you instead of peeking into their mind.  Just as you can enhance the impression with perfume, you can also reduce the impression with a lot of perfume. If you have seen perfume for the first time, the person in front can give you a taunt. So how and where to apply perfume?  Apply to the neck, inside the elbows, shoulders and wrists.  When buying perfume, keep in mind that you should not use too strong perfume, but always use a mild one. So don’t make these style mistake.

So my friends don’t make these style mistake.

Tip – (Do not rub after applying perfume as it reduces the effect of perfume quickly.)

{9} You do not use accessories

know these little accessories like wrist watch, sunglasses rings, scarves, help you a lot in your dressing and enhance your impression and looks in front of the person in front of you. lot of people just don’t use it. Accessories have many benefits for you. For example, wearing sunglasses not only makes you look handsome, sexy and stylish, but also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. Using the right accessories for your dressing will give your dressing a different touch.

Wear a sunglasses and a wrist watch when you are wearing formals. A ring or locket along with sunglasses and a wrist watch will make you more stylish even when you use it for casual. There are many accessories available in the market, just choose the accessories according to your style and look more attractive and stylish.The accessories you wear should match each other, so it looks even more attractive.

So my friends don’t make these style mistake.

tip – (Don’t wear too many accessories because Over accessories will reduce your looks instead of enhancing them.)

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{10} unhygienic

Remember if a very smart and handsome person, stylish, tall and stubborn personality, perfect fitting of his clothes, color matching material came in front of you.  So they look very attractive. but when he opened his mouth to speak, a very bad smell came out of his mouth. Only when he goes to shake hands with you do you see his nails. The smell comes from his socks when he takes off his shoes to come home. Then you tell me that there will be some price for its attractiveness in front of you.

So my friends, brush twice a day, use a ton of cleaner, take a bath every day, wear clean clothes and do full body grooming every week. Just styling clothes, wearing accessories doesn’t make you look good. Because without knowing it, these unhygienic things come to the notice of people and make your impression down. So my friends don’t make this style mistake.

(Don’t make these 10 style mistaes)


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