Perfect sunglasses for 4 type’s of face shape

How to choose the style of sunglasses

A sunglasses shows you well but you know That the sunglass, taken according to your face shape shows you a good niche as well as handsome.

So our today’s topic is how can we buy a good sandalas according to our face shap.

Before showing off the most shaded color shades of the season, you need to know which frame will fit on your face. For this we tapped the expert knowledge of spectacle seller Bhavishma Parmar but, who do you think knows all about how to transform your sunglasses according to what Mother Nature gave you.

 When it comes time to choose cool sunglasses you can go two ways. You can choose the classics – or see what trends you can get in terms of size, color and age. With that in mind, we have six types of styles strongly trending. And you have the essential tips of leading bands to find the right one for your face shape.

Sunglasses for round face

The same length and width, soft features and rounded jaw-line are the features of a round face. Angled sunglasses will add definition to the shape of the face, while deep colors will reduce perfection. And a gradient lens will help to lengthen the face.

The shape of this face should always be clear from round sunglasses.Tortoise and warm caramel are good colors. Width templates thick frames also adapt to round faces by adding their width.

Boy’s can use aviator,retro square, and square. Girl’s can use cat eyes,oversized,and square.

Is your face shape round?

Sunglasses for heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead and cheekbones along with a tacked chin. To counteract this, look for thin,  metal or clear plastic sunglasses that balance the width of the chin, with a wide bottom half, such as a cone-shaped or aviation shape. Avoid dark colors like black, because they cut the line of the face.

For boy’s Browline, retro square, sports sunglasses are perfect.

For girls Browline,retro square,cat eye this type of sunglasses looking beautiful.

Is your face shape heart-shaped?

Sunglasses for oval-shaped face

Even though the oval face size is much larger than that, it is perfectly balanced. Slightly square, teardrop lenses look great with aviator-like lenses on this type of face. Avoid angular styles like rectangles. Even though his face is narrow.

Aviator,retro square,round It will look good on boys.

Aviator,retro square,oversized it will look nice on girls.

Is your face shape oval-shaped ?

Sunglasses for a square face

Thevery long forehead line is the defining feature of the square face. The goal here is to soften the defined line: this can be achieved by choosing a rounded style and a tear-shaped lens.

Is your face shape square?

Health benefits of sunglasses

Sunglasses are another stylish accessory or the key to eye health.

Sunglasses also have health benefits, says Eli Levin, Doe Spectrum from Pedamont. They protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) This is the most important benefit of wearing sunglasses.

Do you only wear sunglasses in the hot summer months?
If so, you are trying to destroy your eyes. Dr.Levin says sunglasses are essential throughout the year.

Eye protection is especially important if you are close to water.
If you do not get a direct effect of the sun, it is also called light reflected from the water.

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