don’t have these 4 BAD HABITS in your life

Get rid of these bad habits today. if you want a good health and lifestyle.

Poor nutritions

Risk of poor diet.

Now you say how bad nutrition will affect my career and life? So poor nutrition can impair your daily health and reduce your ability to live a happy and active life. Now you tell me how unhealthy health will help your body to fulfill your dream to stay active and stay healthy. Good nutrition based on healthy eating is an essential element.

How does poor nutrition effects on health or lifestyle?

Now, a days teenagers or school children have poor eating habits such as eating less or eating more, which is low in fiber or fat, salt and / or high in sugar. This includes not having the healthy food you need every day or eating all kinds of unhealthy foods. It is deficient in energy (or kilojoules), protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and fluids. These unhealthy eating habits affect our overall health.

Poor nutrition over a short period of time can lead to the risk of developing certain diseases and other health problems such as being overweight or obese, high blood pressure, tooth decay, high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease and stroke. It can also lead to stress, boredom and dehydration.

So friends, change the habit of improper diet because nutritious diet is very beneficial for health and body. With good health in your lifestyle you can achieve all your dreams and goals in your life.

Get rid of these bad habits today

Lack of exercise

What is the importance of exercise in your lifestyle?

exercise is also very important for your body. Today’s stressful life requires a nutritious diet, problem solving skills, communication skills as well as a healthy body. Some of the career lines in bodybuilding, cricket, wrestling or the Olympic Games, your personality, your appearance, body endurance and ability are very important. With regular exercise you can take your personality to a different level in your muscular body. Click here for some Cardio exercises to stay fit.

How Does Lack of Exercise Affect Your Lifestyle and health?

Peoplearound the world are spending more and more time working. In our free time, we often watch TV or play video games: sitting at a desk while using a computer or other device makes your job more sedentary. And most of your travels include sitting – traveling by car, bus and train. Stop being lazy.

  1. This makes you more likely to gain weight. You burn fewer calories
  2. You can lose muscle strength and endurance if you do not use your muscles too much.
  3. It affects the metabolism and makes your body suffer more to break down fats and sugars.
  4. Your bones may become weak and some minerals may be lost.
  5. Lack of regular exercise increases the risk of bone diseases such as knee pain, joint pain, difficulty in climbing airways.
  6. But if you gain fat, you can get diseases like heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome.
  7. The more dynamic you are, the more your health is at risk. A sedentary lifestyle can also increase the risk of premature death.

Get rid of these bad habits today.

Sleep late at night

Now you start eating Nutritious diet and start going to regular gym. But if you do not sleep well at night, it will not benefit the body much. Just as every machine needs rest after work, so does our body need rest.

What is the effect of less sleep on your body and lifestyle?

Cholesterol levels are likely to rise if you get less sleep. Your body cannot metabolize glucose. This means that glucose breakdown is happening, which means that your body is having energy breakdown. Now if you don’t have the energy to go for an interview or play a game then how are you going to do that?

Everyone thinks that his body should be in good shape, you should make an impression on the front. But if you don’t sleep well, your gharahlin hormone increases and leptin hormone decreases, so you feel like you’re hungry, so you eat every now and then. And it adds weight to your personality as well as adds belly instead of sixpack.

you know that 8 hours of good sleep is very important for your muscle building. When you go to the gym tired or sleepy, you can lift less weight than your daily weight. A sleepy person gives law and slow performance than a rested person.

When muscles are stretched, they have to deal with microscopic damage. When we sleep at night, there is another type of cellular change in our muscle fibers, which activates the immune system to repair the injury. In response, the injured cells release inflammatory molecules called cytokines. And the resulting cycle of repair eventually makes the muscles bigger and stronger.

What is the effect of lack of sleep on your health?

most importantly, when we sleep at night, our body produces testosterone (the male hormone). And testosterone is associated with everything in the body if you sleep less which means your level will be lower. This is not a good thing.

When you do not sleep well, you are more likely to get some sleep disorders. Some of them are as follows

Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), Narcolepsy, Sleep apnea(During sleep, your breathing stops temporarily, waking you up frequently. Sleep apnea is a serious, potentially fatal (and treatable) sleep disorder, so see a doctor right away.)

All of the above disorders are caused by using the phone too much at night, playing games, and not getting proper rest and sleep while working.

Get rid of these bad habits today.

Too much stress

What effect does stress have on lifestyle?

Let’s talk about stress. Stress is very dangerous in terms of career and vision. Stress means you can’t give a good performance in any career field. And with a happy and healthy brain, you can achieve anything. Because you have self-confidence. Self-confidence is very important to achieve anything in life.

what exactly is stress? Stress is any thing or work that you feel you can’t do or that is beyond your capacity that gives you tension, depression, fear or anxiety. This means that you have to do it, you can do it, but you will not do it. You will have doubts in your mind, there will be stress.It can ruin your chances, end your career.The stress known as the silent killer can come from any source, be it emotional, physical or job-related.Stress causes the following changes in your behavior angry outbursts, Eating or not eating less, tobacco use, social withdrawal, exercising less often.You start drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs.And it is very harmful for your lifestyle, health and career.

How will stress affect your health?

When we take stress, our body releases two hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. On the one hand, adrenaline increases the blood supply to the heart, speeds up the blood supply to the arteries, and raises your blood pressure. On the other hand, cortisol raises blood glucose levels to generate energy. This means that your energy is wasted and high blood glucose causes diabetes. This process continues because of the constant stress. In addition to wasting glucose in your city, you can get diseases like high blood pressure and high sugar.

You may think that you have low productivity at work due to annoying headaches, or your frequent insomnia. But stress can be a real cause, even if you are not aware of it. Stress symptoms are affecting your health.

Get rid of these bad habits today.

Stress normal results.

It can affect our body, our thoughts, our emotions, and our behavior. Recognizing the symptoms of common stress can help you manage them.

Onyour body – fatigue, changes in sex drive, sleep problems,Headache, muscle tension or pain, chest pain, upset stomach.

On your mood – restlessness Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation or focus, irritability or anger, sadness or depression.

On your behavior – Stress causes the following changes in your behavior angry outbursts, Eating or not eating less, tobacco use, social withdrawal, exercising less often.You start drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs.

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